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If used correctly, they are 97% effective. The good thing about the spermicidal condoms are if the condom leaks or breaks, your chances of getting pregnant are still somewhat slim because the spermicide may kill the sperm that 'got away'. Also, condoms are the only protection one gets against STDs. The thing is, when used often, spermicide is harmful to the vagina.

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Q: How reliable are spermicidal lubricated condoms?
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If lubricant doesn't mean spermicide then why when i asked earlier you said only lubricated condoms have spermicide?

Because a lubricant (makes things slippery) so a condom may be lubricated but not kill sperm (spermicide) BUT all spermicidal condoms are also lubricated.

What type of condoms are the best?

Trojan brand condoms are the most reliable. Use their spermicidal lubricant types for increased protection.

What do condoms do?

Spermicidal condoms kill sperm.

Which condoms have spermicidal fluid?

Trojan Makes a couple spermicidal condoms, ribbed and non ribbed

What is the difference between lubricated and spermidical lubricated condoms?

spermidical lubricated condoms kill active sprem

What condoms contain spermicide?

Trojan makes a couple spermicidal condoms

Which condum name is the best one to use not to get pregnant?

I don't know which one is the best but their are popular and trustworthy condom brands out there. Trojan and Durex are two reliable and popular condoms. Use your best judgement, read reviews to find which one is best for you. Spermicidal lubricated condoms might provide a little back up that will kill some extra sperm.

Do spermicidal condoms work?

Yes they do, in fact spermicides used together with latex condoms are quite effective.

Are lubricated condoms best?

yes they are the best.

Can non latex condoms be non lubricated?

Our health center has been looking for non-lubricated condoms, and has been unable to locate a supplier.

Birth control methods?

Condoms, IUDs, spermicidal sprays, celibacy, pills.

Do lifestyles condoms use spermicidal lubricant?

some do some don't. read the box

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