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Ruger has sn data on their site. Currently, my ISP won't let me access it.

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Q: How old is your ruger mk1 serial number 13-98311?
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How old is my ruger mk1 serial number 12-68689?


How old is your ruger MK1 serial number 17-766xx?

It was manufactured in 1982.

How old is your ruger mk1 serial number 14 75322?

The Ruger website, under customer service, historical data, lists year of manufacture.

How can find the age of a ruger mk1?

You can call Ruger or visit their website.

What is the value of a ruger mK1 22lr pistol with bull barrel?

50-175 US Dollars

How many ruger mk1 pistols were made?

A LOT! These were in production for many years, and a very popular gun. Check with Customer Service at the Ruger website for some specific answers.

What model is a webley and Scott eclipse with a serial number 843922?

mine is an 82xxx number and its a mk1. The best way to tell is the release for the lever. MK1 has 2 lugs you push towards the muzzle. The mk2 just has a button you press. Hope this helps

Where was en-field no 4 Mk1 serial number U32885 made?

BSA-Shirley British Small Arms Shirley, England

How old is your theoben mk1 air rifle serial number 009152?

I suggest you contact Theoben at the link below and ask them directly.

What is the value of a ruger mk1 6 barrel 1976 200th?

50-200 USD. Check the auction sites also.

What is the value of a ruger 22 cal long rifle automatic pistol serial 67052?

Depends on model, barrel/sights, and condition. Anywhere from $100 for a well used Mk1 to $400 for a NIB stainless heavy barreled Mk II with target sights.

Sturm ruger mk1 semi auto 22lr manufactured in 1957 prices 14-91997?

I purchased a new one for $37.50 New in the box!!