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Happened to recognize that as a Sears model number. Your gun was made for Sears in the early 1960s. It is a Springfield (by Savage) model 947. It probably has no serial number, as they were not required on shotguns prior to 1968.

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Q: How old is a model number 101.40 firearm?
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How old is Colt firearm 142677?

Colt never made a model using that model number.

Westernfield model 72c serial number 1090843 how old is this firearm?

No published sn data.

How old is a Winchester firearm model 94-30 30 serial number 1865876?

your Winchester model 1894 was made in 1952.

Can you find out how old your model 31 is my serial number is a sticker on the stock?

We need to know a Model 31 WHAT? If you are referring to a firearm, the serial number is NOT a sticker on the stock.

How old is a 16 gauge Winchester model 360 serial C130571?

Don't post your firearm's serial number!

How old is your gun serial number 40599?

As old as it is. That's about the best we can do without knowing a make and model. Serial numbers are not unique to one firearm.

Can the serial number on an old firearm tell you anything about the weapon's manufacture date?

If you contact the manufacturer and give them the serial number and model they will be able to tell you.

How old is your ruger single six 22?

Have the model and serial number of your firearm handy, and call Ruger @ 603-865-2442, and they will reply (usually within a week) with the month and year your firearm was manufactured.

How old is your firearm made by crescent firearm co serial number 729840?

sorry- no public serial number records.

How old is a model 94 serial 960255?

That firearm was apparently made in 1925.

How old is a derringer 22 Cal. Lr with the serial number 021649?

Impossible to attempt to answer with no information on make/ model. A serial number is NOT unique to only one firearm in the world.

How old is your savage arms 218748?

I would need to know the model of savage rifle,or shotgun you are asking about to be of any assistance to you.The number that you supplied is the serial number to your savage firearm.

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