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IIRC Cornell Publications might have an H&R book with sn.

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Q: How old is a H and R 922 revolver with a k at the begging of the serial number?
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How do you tell the year an HR 922 revolver was made?

What year was the H & R 922 6" revolver, serial number E664 manufactured? Thanks

How do you tell the year of a HR 922 revolver?

From the serial number. There are various references that list ranges of serial numbers for different years.

What year HR 822 revolver serial number N67127?

I am showing that HR made a revolver in models 826,829,832,and 922.If you check your model number again it may be one of these.Please repost your question if that is the case.

What year H and R 922 serial number with an M?

Need serial number.

What is age and value of H and R model 922 pistol?

Unfortunately, without the serial number, we can't date your revolver. Without knowing the condition, we cannot estimate the value.

What age is your 922 H R pistol serial?

Impossible to answer without the serial number.

How do you tell the an H and R 922 pistol was made?

Serial number

What year was the h and r 922 6 in serial number L30222 made?

The letter prefix of L ahead of the serial number indicates that your H&R model 922 was made in the year 1952.

What year is the 922 pistol made?

Can't be answered without a serial number.

What year is your h and r 922 pistol?

Impossible to answer without the serial number.

What year was H and R 922 serial number E made?

About 1946

What is the year of your H and R model 922 serial number AM26416?

am prefix is 1974