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From the serial number. There are various references that list ranges of serial numbers for different years.

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Q: How do you tell the year of a HR 922 revolver?
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How do you tell the year an HR 922 revolver was made?

What year was the H & R 922 6" revolver, serial number E664 manufactured? Thanks

Is parts available for hr model 922 revolver?


What year HR 822 revolver serial number N67127?

I am showing that HR made a revolver in models 826,829,832,and 922.If you check your model number again it may be one of these.Please repost your question if that is the case.

What year was the 22 9 shot model 922 HR serial number C610 pistol made?

"C" prefix indicates 1942

What is the value of a HR model 922 revolver?

I own one myself. It's a .22 caliber rimfire revolver, first made around 1925 with an octagonal barrel. The round barrel was introduced in 1938 and it was produced on and off again until the 70s. It's a decent solid frame revolver. Maybe depending on condition you could get a few hundred for one.

What year was the HR Model 930 sidekick revolver serial number AU172794 manufactured?

"AU" prefix indicates 1980

What is the Age of HR 922 serial r 636?

'R' prefix indicates 1955

What year was a hr Model 930 sidekick revolver serial number y 636 manufactured?

No sn data for that model I can find.

Pearl handle HR revolver double action patented in 1887 can you tell you what its worth?

Very, very, very, very, seldom will it exceed 100 USD

Age HR 922 Firearm?

Blue Book of Gun Values can help with how long the Model was made.

How do you find the age of a HR revolver?

Buy Jim Spacek's book.

What year was the HR Model 930 sidekick revolver serial number AH 53286 manufactured?

'AH' serial prefix indicates manufacture in 1971.