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Q: How old do you have to be to get your ears pierced higher up?
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How old should you be to get your ears double pierced?

I was 11 when I got my ears double pierced. The feeling was great! It made me feel more grown up. You should let your kids. They will be grateful.

What can you buy your sixteen year old sister for Christmas?

Make-up? Getting her ears pierced? Hope this helps

How old was Joey king precisely when she got her ears pierced?

I hate the person who said that she was eight. Rip him up. Destroy him! Because he is a LIAR! She got them pierced for her tenth birthday.

What should you use for an irritation with pierced ears?

Should one use witch hazel or alcohol to help dry up an irritation with pierced ears

When is a good time to get ears pierced for a baby?

I don't believe in forcing your child to have pierced ears (that is piercing your babies ears before they are old enough to say no, mom, i don't want my ears pierced) but if you pierce them young then the less it will hurt them (the younger you are the less it will hurt). It would be better to wait because the piercing will change as your child grows and they may end up being uneven.

Can you get your ears pierced again?

yes you can i have gotten my ears peirced like 5 times because i took my earings out to soon so yes you can have your ears pierced more than once if your ears close back up!!

How do you get your ears pierced for those big hole earrings?

You don't get them pierced that big it's called stretching, you need them pierced first. If you wanna get your ears stretched start with a small 1mil nn go up i will warn you that it does hurt

How old are girls when they get their ears pierced?

this is a wierd question but some parents like there daughters having there ears pierced when their a baby but when they grow up they ask their parents and its parent decision then after 16 i think they can get it done at there own will i had mine done at 10 after begging my mum for 6 years lol

How long is it before you can get ears pierced again after healing up?

4 to 6 weeks

What are Big Lots store hours?

How long does it take for pierced ears to close up

Does it hurt to have your ears pierced?

It usually depends on how well you can tolerate pain. For instance, I can tolerate it very well but getting your ears pierced is like getting a shot but with it not hurting afterwards. You will feel a slight poke in your earlobes and then the pain will be gone although your ears will be red and pulsey for a while, it does not hurt. I recommend getting both ears done at once to reduce pain but trust me, there is nothing to worry about.It is true that our tolerance for pain does affect it, but another thing that effects it is how thick your earlobe is! If it is pretty thin than it won't hurt as much as thick ones, but it still does not hurt to much either just got my ears pierced tonight(well my second piercings) and it hurts for exactly 2 seconds. I was sooo worried for it but when I got there it was AOK. The thing that scared me was the gloves and the peroxide but 3 mns after both were done, I felt like nothing was there.... If you get the chance.... then get your ears piercedI have a low pain tolerance.I just got my ears pierced today, and I am 12. I'll tell you what it's like... to tell the truth, it does at one point hurt. But it only lasts like a millisecond, just a bit more than a shot. Just a little pinch. Then, your ears feel heavy and hot. About 5 minutes after, the heaviness and hotness wears away and they just sting a bit. Not like a painful 'OUCH!' sting, but just a little annoying stinging that lasts for about 30 minutes. The worst part is taking your shirt on and off for the first 12 hours when the hole is a bit sore. Make sure you don't catch your ears on the shirt, or brush it accidentally with your hand, because that will make it work.It's best to have both ears done at the same time, it'll be over quicker. If you do one at a time, you may not have the courage to pierce the other ear after you do one!