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yes you can i have gotten my ears peirced like 5 times because i took my earings out to soon so yes you can have your ears pierced more than once if your ears close back up!!

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Q: Can you get your ears pierced again?
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Does Hayley Williams have any piercings?

She got her septum pierced in the Summer of 2008, but stopped wearing it a few month later. In May 2009 she got her ears pierced. In 2010 she got her ears pierced again and now had two piercings in both ears.

Can nuns have pierced ears?

no they can not have there ears pierced

Does Hillary Clinton have her ears pierced?

Yes she does have her ears pierced.

When did Selena Gomez get her ears pierced?

Shes not get her ears pierced.

Are guys with both ears pierced gay?

Once If a man has both of his ears pierced, it probably means that he's more into symmetry than men. A rather foolish question.

How long is it before you can get ears pierced again after healing up?

4 to 6 weeks

Can you get your ears pierced in the city?

Yes you can get your ears pierced in the city if you are of age.

Did mitcell musso get his ears pierced?

Yes, Mitchel has his ears pierced.

Madison Pettis ears pierced?

Madison Pettis does have her ears pierced.

How can you ask permission from your mom to get your ears pierced?

Mom, can I get my ears pierced.

Where can you get your ears pierced in Bath?

I do not have any piercings, though am considering getting my earlobes pierced. Many of my friends have pierced ears and got their ears pierced at either Jollys, Clairs, Accessorise or at a doctors surgery.I suggest if any of your friends have pierced ears that you ask them where they got them pierced.

Can Jehovah's Witnesses get their ears pierced?

yes we can. i have had my ears pierced about three times.