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12 years old or higher

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Q: How old do you have to be to do the hcg diet protocol?
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Is there a new HCG Diet Protocol?

Yes, a recent press release states that a new 800 calorie revised hcg diet protocol has just been developed by expert hcg weight loss physicians. * Could you please add information regarding this HCG Diet Protocol "revision"? Would also be helpful to know more about these "expert hcg weight loss physicians".

Why no salmon on hcg diet?

Only white fish is allowed on the VLCD (very low calorie diet) portion of the HCG Protocol. Salmon is considered an "oily" fish and is not allowed until Maintenance.

Does everybody lose hair after they are on the hcg diet?

Not necessarily. The side effects of the hcg diet protocol are the side effects of malnutrition. These include headache, hair loss, interruption of menstrual cycles, fatigue, feeling lightheaded, disorientation, stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea. The hcg diet is a placebo effect starvation diet.

Can you wear mascara on the hcg protocol?

Yes, you can use mascara. Always choose oil-free personal care and make-up products to use during the VLCD (very low calorie diet) portion of the HCG Protocol.

Why no breakfast on hcg?

To fully understand the answer to this question, I recommend reading the hCG protocol from the creator of the diet Dr. Simeons. The manuscript is called pounds and inches and can be easily found for free through a google search. You can also find a free copy on our website under the "hCG Diet" tab.

What is the allowed amount of asparagus on the hcg diet?

There really is no limit on any of the allowed veggies while on the HCG protocol. But, there is a quick and easy list of all allowed veggies, including calories amounts.

What health conditions should you not use with the HCG diet?

There are very few health conditions that would prevent someone from using the HCG diet. Many of the common health conditions are discussed in Pounds & Inches, the original HCG protocol. We strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor before starting any weight loss program.

Where can I find reviews of HCG diet drops?

The HCG diet includes using the hormone hcg either in drop or injection form and following a starvation diet. This diet is ineffective and very dangerous to do.

Can you eat grits on the hcg diet?

Can you eat grits on the hcg diet?

What are some recipes for the hcg diet?

Many of the recipes for the "Zone" diet are also appropriate for the HcG diet. I was also able to find a website that lists many HcG diet recipes. It is

Can you have summer squash on the hcg diet?

With the traditional hcg diet protocol done by Dr. Simeons you can only consume certain vegetables. Some people have altered this a little bit, but I'd recommend sticking to the original protocol for best results. Here are some of the allowed vegetables: cabbage asparagus chard spinach For a full list check out the related links.

What are the necessary foods for HCG?

none. hcg does not occur naturally in any foods.