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At about 20 weeks of gestation, a doctor will see a pregnant women about once or twice a month. If she is a high risk mother, he may decide to see her more frequently.

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Q: How often do you see the doctor when you are 20 weeks pregnant?
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Is 30 weeks pregnant too late to see a doctor?

When your pregnant it's never too late to see a doctor,but 30 weeks pregnant is too late to have an abortion.

Is it normal to get sharp pain at FOUR weeks pregnant?

No it is not, see your doctor.

What can you do if you are 22 weeks pregnant and you have a lot of pain?

See the doctor ASAP!

I am 38 years old and I am 6 weeks pregnant my doctors office doesn't want me to see my doctor until I am 10 weeks is that too long?

If I were 38 years old and pregnant and my doctor wanted to wait until I was 10 weeks pregnant to examine me (or at least talk to me), I would get a new doctor.

If your periods 9 weeks late what should you do?

See a doctor for a pregnancy test. See a doctor cause you might be pregnant tell your mom

Can you be pregnant if you miss your period for 7 weeks then see it at the 8 weeks?

No, I don't think so. But you can still check with your doctor.

How often should you see a doctor while pregnant?

every month

At how many weeks pregnant should you book an appointment to see your doctor when you find out you are first pregnant?

I've been told you should make an appointment with your doctor as soon as you find out your pregnant.

You are 29 weeks pregnant and you are having server pain on both of your sides what should you do?

see a doctor.

How do you know if you're pregnant after 12 weeks?

Go see a doctor and have a test done and a ultrasound.

When to see a doctor after you become pregnant?

You should schedule your first appointment with an OB between 6-10 weeks. after 4 weeks

You are 6 weeks pregnant and seem to have sciatic nerve pain but does not run down your leg just a bolting pain in your left buttock is this normal?

See a doctor. Pregancy can often cause pains and aches which are unexplainable and common, not harmful. But, still see your doctor.