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See a doctor for a pregnancy test. See a doctor cause you might be pregnant tell your mom

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Q: If your periods 9 weeks late what should you do?
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How long are dog pregnancies?

gestation periods for canines are 9 weeks.

How soon after a miscarriage should you expect your period i lost the baby October 1. still havent gottin it?

Your period should return within 4-6 weeks for a miscarriage or D&C, but in some cases it can last longer (7-9 weeks) periods should return within 6 weeks.

Is it normal to have period for more than 9 days?

Some people have periods that last for 2 weeks, however a week-9 days is more average. If your period does not normally last for 9 days, then you should speak to your doctor about it

How many weeks are in 9 weeks?

There are 9 weeks in 9 weeks.

How long are babies in your stomach?

The baby is in your stomach for 9 months it can be sooner as it my be premature or it can be a few days or weeks late.

How old should you be when you get your periods?

With every girl it is different. (between the ages of 9-16).

What is the gestation period for dalmatian dogs?

2 months All dogs gestation periods last for around 9 weeks.

You are 9 weeks pregnant and your periods came does that mean you are not pregnant?

No not necessarily, many woman still experience periods whilst pregant. I would strongly recommend you visit your doctor however just rule out any concerns.

What should one take 2 do away with the pregnancy?

Before 9 weeks Mifepristone followed by M;isoprostol. On prescription from the doctor. After 9 weeks surgery by the doctor.

How much is 9 months in weeks?

9 months is 39.13 weeks.

Need medicine names to get rid from 3 months pregnancy?

Too late for a medical now, you need a surgical. The limit for a medical is 9 weeks.

How many weeks are in 1 year and 9 weeks?

There are 61 weeks. 52 = 1 year +9 ------ 61 weeks