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I went on Ortho Tri-Cycline Lo pills about two years ago, and i ended up gaining 8-10 lbs. But I learned it doesnt stay- if you stay active and work out the weight gained will be lost and you will get your normal figure back. My doctor said it just depends how your body takes to the pills. For some it decreases appetite, increases appetite, or the horomones just increase the likelihood of your body gaining weight because it is a foreign change to your body.

I started the same Ortho Tri-Cycline Lo pills about 5 months ago, (I'm on my 5th pack) and when my gyno perscribed these pills to me he said that you shouldn't gain weight from them. The lower dosage of hormones reduces the amount of side effects you can have. I have not experienced any side effects (weight gain, Nausia, vomiting, etc) since I have been on them. If you have gained weight, consult your doctor about them, but if you are just curious, I havent gained any weight, and neither has anyone I know that has been on the ortho pills. So don't worry.

Some women gain up to five pounds while on certain Birth Control pills due to water retention.

I guess I'm the odd ball, but within 3 months of starting ortho tri cyclen lo, I gained between 5-10 pounds, depending on the time of the month. The good part is that my boobs definitely got bigger. Maybe I was just a late bloomer, maybe it was the pill... who knows? Most of my friends who began to take birth control gained a few pounds, but not more than 5, so you should be fine.

I had taken ortho-tri cycline low for over 10 years, I recently stopped. My weight before the pill was 152,and I'm 5'7, I gained about 8-10 pounds I was 161 NICE! I was happy.. I was very active, I ran 5 miles 2 to 3 times a week and did weight lifting at least twice a week and maintained the weight. But once I stopped taking them this past January, sad to say I lost it! there went my hips and butt! lol I'm now 152;( I'm eating like a cow and nothing! I decreased the number of days a week i worked out, to try and gain the weight back. nothing so far.

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Q: How much weight is normal to gain with otho tricyclen lo?
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