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I did the master cleanse for 10 days, I lost 2 pounds a day for the first 5 days, then it dropped to 1 pound per day for the last 5, total loss was 15 pounds, however 2 months later (following the cleanse), I have gained 5 pounds back, 3 of which were in the first 2 weeks following the cleanse.

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Q: How much weight can someone lose per day on the master cleanse?
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What was the drink that Beyonce used to lose weight?

the master cleanse diet

What is better for fast weight loss a water fast or the master cleanse?

The Master Cleanse, I haven't tried it yet but I want to and a water fast is REALLY bad. So, out of the two, its The Master Cleanse (but you might want to read the book which is 'Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days').

What is eaten on the Master Cleanse Diet?

The Master Cleanse diet claims to be a way to lose weight and detoxify one's body. The basic feature of this diet is the combination of lemon juice, maple syrup, and Cayenne pepper.

How can you lose a lot of weight in a small amount of time?

you can go on the master cleanse diet, I lost 30lb in 40 days. but its hard and takes a lot of willpower, and you're likely to put the weight back on soon afterwards. google 'master cleanse' and you'll find out more, or you can buy the book.

Using the Master Cleanse Diet to Rid Your Body of Toxins and Lose Weight?

You may have heard of the master cleanse diet as the most popular celebrity diet and weight loss breakthrough phenomenon. That's because the master cleanse is simple and it can really lead you on the right path to getting the weight off quickly and easily. Simply stir in fresh lemon juice, rich maple syrup and water together first thing in the morning to get your metabolism going and the cleansing action in place. Drink 6-12 glasses of this mixture throughout the day. Your body will gradually become used to your new master cleanse diet, and you'll shed the pounds off at lightning speed!

Why did you lose weight slowly but it came back so fast?

Weight loss is something that is on most everyone's mind, and those who want to lose, want to lose fast. Crash diet fads come and go, such as the cabbage soup diet, the lemonade diet (also known as Master Cleanse) and the Hollywood diet, but most of the weight lost on these diets will be water weight.

How much weight can you lose from taking a two day body cleanse?


Is acai berry a colon cleanse product?

No, but it is frequently used in combination with a colon cleanse product by people who want to lose weight.

Can I lose 10 pounds quickly and still be healthy?

You can do a cleanse. Once you do the cleanse, you can keep the weight off by proper nutrition and exercise.

Can you drink wine while on the master cleanse?

NO. You are cleansing your body...purifying it.. Not saying that if you drank wine you wouldn;t lose weight but you'll probably feel the effects of the wine a lot faster:-)

How You Can Cleanse to Lose Weight?

When you cleanse to lose weight, you are ridding your body of all its toxins and bad stuff so that it can work more efficiently and provide optimum weight loss. You might be wondering how to cleanse to lose weight in this case, however. There are actually several ways, and one of the easiest is to drink plenty of water. Taking in abundant amounts of water will quickly help your body cleanse and will even make losing weight a cinch. Additionally, there are "detox cleansing kits" that can quickly rid your body of toxins. Additionally, cleansing your system helps you feel a lot better, too!

What colon cleanse systems have the best and fastest results?

The fastest colon cleanse method is the Arcamax cleansing system. Which is designed to help people lose the most weight, as well as cleanse the system out the best.