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A gram

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Q: How much weed is in a nickel bag of regular weed in Jacksonville FL?
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How much do a zip of regular weed weigh?

a zip off some regular weigh 28 grams

How many nickel bags can you bag out of a pound of weed?

Depends on weed quality

If you have a Half pound of weed how much do you put in a nickel size bag?

Half a gram/ .5g

How many nickel bags can you get from a half oz of weed?


Is there a difference between sour diesel weed and regular weed?

people that say ragular weed don't know much about weed. each weed has a name reffered to as a strai. sour diesel is a strain of weed its a pretty good starin good flavor and pretty high THC level

Is baby weed as strong as regular weed?

no, cuz the THC is produced when its biggerWhat the hell is 'Baby Weed'?

Is there such thing as regular weed and if so What is the correct name for it?

No there is no regular weed, all pot depends on the amount of THC in the plant on wether or not it is potent or not. and all weed is called MARIJUANNA

How do you get weed out of my system in a few days?

It would depend on how much you have used and how regular. Most kits have little or no effect.

How long will it take to get one joint of weed out of system for non regular smoker?

About a week if you drink plenty of water, but not too much

List 5 objects that can be measured in grams?

Paperclip, Eggs, Pills, U.S. Nickel, and Weed :)

What is fifteen dollars worth of weed called?

I just ask for a dime and a nickel.

How can you through up from weed and how do you stop that from happening?

yes you can but only if you inhale to much smoke prevent it by taking regular hits or smoking joints