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$200-$275. Llama made decent pistols, not great, not bad- but they are no longer in business, and getting parts will eventually be a problem.

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Q: How much is a LLama 9mm XI-b standard worth serial number B07217?
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How old is llama 45 serial number 851327?

No published sn data.

What is the age of a Llama 9mm pistol serial number 0386396?

No published sn data.

Info on 380 llama especial serial number 20890?

No published sn data.

What is the age of a Llama 9mm Pistol serial number 982860?

No known published sn data.

What is the age of a Llama 9mm pistol serial number 87718?

No published sn data I am aware of.

What year was the llama 380 IIIA serial number B24938?

Serial number is not going to help, you need to look on the OTHER side of the weapon, just above the trigger will be a Date Code (Letter and Number). Look up Llama Date Codes and find the year. Mine is a "D*2" which is 1984

When made llama 22auto pistol no66774?

AFAIK, there is no published data on Llama serial numbers.

When was your Llama 1911 22 LR made?

Unfortunately, Llama is closed, and there are no public databases of production dates- even if you have given us a model and serial number. Most were from the 1970s- up to 1984.

How do you know what year your llama max-1 was made?

Th last two digits of the serial number are the year of manufacture

How old is a llama 380 with a serial number of 435222?

I have one with a serial number 321864. They were first manufactured in the 1930s to around the mid 1950's for this model. Company is out of business now and parts are hard to find. J

What year was your boosey hawkes york international cornet serial number 747754 made?

2030 made by the Dali llama in his revenge of the sith. booyakasha

What year is your llama 380 SPECIAL serial 322178?

Unfortunately, Llama is out of business, and records have always be spotty for that maker. No public data available.