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50-100 USD

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Q: How much is a Gambles Pioneer model 25 22 bolt action worth?
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Pionfer gamble stores inc model24 22 rifle?

Known as "Hardware Store" guns, Savage/Springfield/Stevens made rifles marketed under the Gambles Store Pioneer label. Yours MAY be a Springfield model 86. I happen to have one marked Springfield, and one marked Pioneer Gambles Store, and they appear to be identical. As shooters, they are worth $50-100. Nice little rifles.

What is a gambles model 140 22 cal rifle worth?

Most of the Gambles Store .22 rifles were made by Savage. Depending on condition, $75-$150.

What is a Pioneer 22 rifle model 26 by gamble worth?

These were made for Gambles Store by Savage /Stevens. Depending on condition, value may range from $50-75. Nice first rifle for a young shooter- have two of them, grandkids love them.

What is pioneer model 25 22 caliber rifle worth?


What is a harrington and richardson arms pioneer 22 rifle model 765 worth?


What is an pioneer mangle worth?

what is a pioneer mangle worth

What is your pioneer gamble stores incorparated 22 rifle worth?

Depending on model and condition, between $50-100.

How much is a model 195 bolt action repeater worth?


What is a 12 gauge j c higgins lever action model 583.23 worth?

its a bolt action and they are worth about 150.00 or so in good condition

What in a marlon lever action rifle worth?

Which model, in which condition. There IS more than one model, you know.

What is a savage model 110 cal 243 bolt action worth?

worth 243 savage boltaction

What is a Winchester model 88 lever action worth?

I'll give you $300 for it.