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Depending on model and condition, between $50-100.

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Q: What is your pioneer gamble stores incorparated 22 rifle worth?
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Where can you get a bolt for a Pioneer Gamble Stores Incorporated 22 caliber long rifle?

Try, gun shops, gun shows, want ads.

Pioneer Gamble Stores Model 24 22 caliber rifle purchased prior to WW11 looking for a part source specifically the bolt?

Gun shows, on line auctions

What bullet does the Pioneer model 25 rifle use?

Made for Pioneer Stores by J. Stevens, it is likely a .22 LR.

Where can i find info on Pioneer and gamble model 23?

The Pioneer Model 23 .22 rifle sold by Gamble Stores Incorporated is equivalent to the Stevens Model 52B. Savage/Stevens produced several firearms that were sold through dept. stores that put their brand name on them. You can find gun parts for it through Numrich Gun Parts Corp @ Look for the Stevens 52B, the majority of parts are sold out. The gun would have been produced in the mid-30's. Hope this helps.

When did Savage make Pioneer Model 26 bolt-action 22 Rifles?

I have a "Pioneer Model 26 Gamble Stores Incorporated" bolt action 22 rifle. It belonged to my father. He's 87 now - he bought it new when he was 12 in Deadwood, South Dakota. Hope that gives you some timeline. Mine is now 65 years old.

What is a Pioneer 22 rifle model 26 by gamble worth?

These were made for Gambles Store by Savage /Stevens. Depending on condition, value may range from $50-75. Nice first rifle for a young shooter- have two of them, grandkids love them.

Pionfer gamble stores inc model24 22 rifle?

Known as "Hardware Store" guns, Savage/Springfield/Stevens made rifles marketed under the Gambles Store Pioneer label. Yours MAY be a Springfield model 86. I happen to have one marked Springfield, and one marked Pioneer Gambles Store, and they appear to be identical. As shooters, they are worth $50-100. Nice little rifles.

What type of ammo does a pioneer 22 bolt action rifle take short long or long rifle?

All 3, but you may find that only the long rifle will cycle through the magazine. These were made for Gambles Stores by Savage.

What is the value of a Pioneer Model 23 22 rifle?

50-100 USD or so

What is the value and production dates of a Pioneer Model 25 22 cal rifle made for Gambles stores Inc?

No published production data; 10-125 USD or so

What were the two most valued possession of the pioneer?

rifle and a axe

What is the value of a pioneer 765 rifle?

$175 if in good condition