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The Crosman model 454 was made between 1977-1982, in two variations it was modeled after the Colt Woodsman. It is a 16 shot BB C02 pistol. It good condition it is worth between $25 - $30.

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Q: How much is a Crosman model 454 worth in good condition?
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What is a crosman model 102 worth in good condition?

Between $125 - $165.

What is the Crosman 350 bb gun worth in good condition And it does fire?

I can not find a CROSMAN model 350 BB gun, Do you mean a V350 BB rifle. If so then one in good condition is worth between $55-$70

What is the value of a crosman 115 model pistol in good condition?

10-20 The model 115 was made between 1951-1955. In good condition it is worth around $55-$75

What is the value of a Hahn 45 BB revolver with a holster and in very good condition?

Hahn was purchased by Crosman and became the Crosman model 45. In very good condition it is worth between $65-$75, plus $65 to $100 for the holster depending on the condition.

What is a 143 crosman .22 caliber pellet rifle worth in good condition?

I have absolutely no information on a Crosman model 143. Are you sure it isn't a model 140 or model 147. I even searched the net and can not find anything on a model 143.

What is the value of the 1924 crosman 22 air rife in good condition?

The 1924 was the second rifle model made by Crosman. It was the first Crosman underlever model made, before that it was the 1923 model that had a plunger pump under the barrel. Your model was made between 1923 -24 and in Good condition it is worth between $1,450 to $1,875. Source Blue book of airguns 10 edition

What is a 1945-1950 model 102 crosman air rifle in good condition worth?

In good condition it would be worth between $125 - $165. For the Owners/Parts manual see the link below.

What is the value of a Crosman model 38T in 22 caliber in good condition?

it would be worth $40 to $50 in working condition (Still holds C02 no leaks)

How much is crosman model 454 worth?

In order to give an estimate of value I need to know the condition of the pistol, Is it still working? Is it in Excellent, Very good, Good, Fair or Poor condition?

What is your Crosman revelation gc3376 worth?

This air rifle was made for Montgomery Wards under the Revelation brand name by Crosman. It truth it is a Crosman model 760 First variation. 1966-1970 Average price in good condition is $15.

What is the value of a Crosman model 38c?

What condition is the pistol in. Is it working? Is it in Poor, Fair, Good, Very good or Excellent condition? without more information I can not give you an estimate of value. It is in fair condition. In Fair condition it is worth $25 - $40. They were made in 3 different variations from 1964-1981. Model 38C (Combat) The owners and parts manual is still available on Crosman's home page.

What is the value of Crosman 400 repeater 22 cal in good condition?

It would be worth between $80 - $100 in good condition.