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They were given very little food , usually none.

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Q: How much food and drink were the slaves given on the slave ships?
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Did slaves walk around on the slave ships?

Slaves were manacled and packed tightly into the holds of the slave ships.

What were the slave ships transporting?


What did they do with the slaves from the slave ships when they lsnded and how did they sell the slaves?

When slaves were brought ashore from slave ships, they were usually inspected, cleaned, and separated before being sold at auctions. The slaves were then auctioned off to the highest bidder, typically plantation owners or slave traders, who would then use them for labor in fields, mines, or households.

Why were sharks often found following slave ships?

Sharks followed slave ships because they were attracted to the garbage, offal, and yes dead slaves who were thrown overboard. It is also documented that slaves committed suicide by jumping overboard if given the opportunity although sides of some of the ships were netted to prevent this.

Where were slaves on board slave ships taken from?


Why were slave ships so overcrowded with slaves?

The more slaves, the more money made by the captain when sold in the slave market.

How often were slaves fed on the slave ships?

about twice a day

How many slaves survived the journey on the slave ships?


What happened to the dead slaves on the slave ships?

they were thrown overboard

How much water were slaves given to drink?

Slaves were typically given around 2-3 liters of water per day, but the amount could vary depending on the conditions and the attitude of the slave owner. Often, the water provided was not clean or sufficient, leading to dehydration and health issues among the enslaved population.

Did people eat meat on slave ships?

The slaves - no. The crew - yes.

How long did slaves stay on slave ships?

7 to 8 weeks