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At a legitimate professional shop, a single ear piercing can be anywhere from $30-$50. Call around to your local shops and ask. Prices can vary depending on if you gets studs or rings and what kind you get ( gems, colors). Some shops give a discount for double piercings. Like instead of paying $45 each, you pay $70 for two.

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Q: How much does it cost to get a second ear piercing?
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if im not mistaking its free

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You can convince your mom for a second second ear piercing by promising to meet the cost yourself.

How much does ear piercing cost at ardenes?

Phone them and ask, besure to ask about the latest health inspection and the license they have to do piercing.

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Get on the phone and ask them.

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$15 for one ear and $30 for both :)

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Claire's does not do nose piercing. Claire's only does ear piercings.

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How much do second ear piercings cost?

The price of the piercing all depends on the type of jewellery you purchase, and where you go to get your ear pierced. The most expensive are gold and silver, but they are the least likely to get infected. . So if you purchased the most expensive earrings i'l say it would cost about 50$ at most. Essentially you can figure out how much it costs based on how much your first hole cost.

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