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Most of them sell for around $300-$450. They come with a 12'' or 14'' screen, and they are light and compact.

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about $600

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Q: How much does an apple lap top cost?
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Which lap top is apple computer?

Apple makes 2 laptops. The Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro.

What is the average cost for a lap top?

Average cost for laptop is around 1000 to 800 dollars.

How much does a 'lap top' cost?

Good Laptops can be around $300-$400. One with not that great of memory will be in the $200's. Hope this helps.

How much does a Apple lap top computer cost?

"Apple laptop computers run from around $999 up to around $2000, depending on the model, how much power you want, and so on. However, some stores will offer rebates off that price. Only way to find out is to check store ads or go into electronic stores."

How can you get iTunes on your lap top?

do you mean Itunes rather than you tunes? just Google it or go to the apple website and click itunes on the top f the site

Does navigating your site have to suck so much?

Yes, apparently no one who designed it has taken the time to check out its' short comings. Maybe they have not checked to see how it is working on both a lap top and or an Apple?

Can you buy lap top computers in bulk?

Lap top computers can be purchased in bulk. This would be common in larger companies wishing to supply their employees with them. Be sure to contact the company you are interested in purchasing them from such as Apple or Dell for instance and ask them for a bulk discount.

How do lap top computers differ from net books?

The lap top computer is your typical computer that allows you to complete all the tasks you normally would with a compute4r, but with the convienence of having it in your lap. The net book is a much smaller version than the lap top and has reduced capacity. It is great for basic functions where little memory is required.

how much for a top plate?

how much does a top plate cost

Can i use any lap top charger in any lap top?

No, you have to use the laptop charger which is supplied with the computer

How do you put the word compact in a sentence?

Many people prefer a lap-top computer to a desk-top machine, as a lap-top is more compact.

What is the newest lap top computer by Apple?

The latest computer technology offered by the company Apple is the Mac 12. It has up to 12 cores of power raw, it can upload your photos five times faster, and the interior is designed for an easy access expansion.