Can i use any lap top charger in any lap top?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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No, you have to use the laptop charger which is supplied with the computer

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Q: Can i use any lap top charger in any lap top?
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what site do i use to get ghost radar classic for my lap top

In a Zune2GB can you use the usb cable as its charger as you would in an iPod Or do you have to buy a Zune charger?

Yes you can use the iPod Charger or any usb to ac

Can you use multiple chargers for a cingular phone razor?

If you own a Cingular razor charger you are stuck with the charger it comes with or a replacement charger. The charger it comes with is the only type of charger it can use therefore you cannot use any other type of charger with the Cingular razor.

What kind of computer is a lap top?

It's a personal computer for mobile use.

How do use a recovery disc on a lap top?

How can I restore my files from a disc TO a laptop

How do you use sticky keys on the lap top?

You click shift 5 times consecutively

Is it possible to use the mains charger from an original iPod to charge an iPod Nano?

All ipods have the same type charger so any ipod charger will work with any ipod

Can you use the car charger on the Nintendo DSi on the 3ds?

Yes, any charger that fits a DSi can be used to charge a 3DS, 2DS or New 3DS, they all use the same charger.

Can chargers from different iPods be used?

You can use any ipod charger for any ipod but the ipod shuffel charger only works for the ipod shuffel.

Which battery charger should you use for Toyota corolla 1999?

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What kind of charger does the Zune use?

It uses a USB charger. .............. ^N0 THAT ANSWER IS WRONG can also use wall charger as long as the charger is a .lzune charger

Can I use any cell phone charger for my i phone or do I have to use specifically the i phone charger?

I wouldnt recommend it. You never know wht could happen to your phone using a cheap charger or a charger that matches all phones the best bet is ordering one from apple.