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If you smoke weed in any way, you will have THC in your system. If you are only around the smoke though, it is highly improbable that you will have any detectable amount of THC in your system.

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2009-06-26 13:37:41
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Q: How much do you have to smoke for THC to be in your system?
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How how is 50mg of THC?

how much do you have to smoke to get the amount of 50mg of THC

How does THC enter your system?

you smoke marijuana and THC sticks to your fat cells.

Can you get THC in your system from second hand smoke?

It is possible to get THC in your system from second-hand smoke, however, it is highly unlikely. Even if you DID acquire any THC from second-hand smoke, it would be completely gone from your system within a couple of hours.

What is the easiest way to flush your system of THC?

No to smoke

Second hand smoke in your system?

THC fades with air contact

If you smoke but don't inhale the marijuana smoke will THC still go into your system?

Yes, as long as you had it in your mouth.

Does smoking cigarettes keep THC in your system longer?

No, the metabolites caused by Thc are completely unrelated to inhaling tobacco smoke

Can THC stay in your system for over a month?

Yes. How long it stays in your system depends on how much and how often you smoke. Smoking every day will keep it in your system for about 90 days.

How do marijiana stay in your system?

THC is the chemical that stays in your system after smoking, it is stored in your fat cells. The time it takes the chemical to leave your system varys depending on how much you smoke.

If smoke a joint how long the THC stays in system?

3 to 4 days.

How much secondhand smoke can cause you to be positive for a hair drug test?

Hmmm not sure, shouldn't have much of an effect based on them looking for THC and second hand smoke from the mouth has no THC.

How can you get a dirty urine for THC if you don't smoke marijuana?

The only way you would get thc in your system is if you eat or smoke it. You might inhale second hand weed smoke if someone is in a car or in an enclosed small room.

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