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Cannot answer without knowing:

  • Yield
  • Height/depth of burst
  • If subsurface burst, material around burst (e.g. dirt, rock, water, concrete)
  • Weather
  • Terrain
  • Construction
  • Population
  • Population density near ground zero
  • etc. etc.
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Q: How much destruction can a nuclear bomb cause?
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How much sadness a nuclear bomb can cause?


What are causes of nuclear disasters?

truthfully the government, they always blame technical malfunction if its to do with a nuclear powerplant but wouldn't they take so much care that it wouldn't happen knowing the destruction it can cause. also if they bomb someone. irradiation effects are devistating, hiroshima for example woth the atom bomb. the explosion itself wasnt they major kiler it was the "black rain" that poisoned them and killed hundreds of thousands.

What would be the effect of a nuclear bomb?

1.Destruction of buildings and infrastructures. 2.Health problems due to to-much exposure to radiation. 3.Contamination of water and air.

Why does a nuclear bomb cause such a large explosion?

Because it releases much more energy in a much shorter time than chemical explosives can.

Is nuclear bomb harmful?

They can probably cause as much- or more- harm as anything ever created. They are bombs, and are intended to be harmful.

How much destruction an atom bomb does?

It depends on how much atoms/weight it has

How much destruction did the atomic bomb do to Japan?

alot alot alot

What is a highaltitude burst?

A high altitude burst is typically a nuclear warfare term. It refers to when a nuclear bomb is detonated at very high altitude. This doesn't cause very much physical destruction, but it causes an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) burst that can destroy most electrical systems. This is especially dangerous because it can cause computer databases to fry, short-circuit equipment on planes and cars, and pretty much take out the infrastucture of a city.

What would happen if you exploded a powerful bomb in the center of a large tornado?

For a massive wedge tornado, anything short of a nuclear bomb would probably not do much. A nuclear bomb would probably disrupt it, but at the same time would cause far more damage than the tornado itself could.

Is there a difference between an atomic bomb and a nuclear bomb?

There isn't much difference in these terms. Both refer to nuclear weapons, and they are general terms that can pretty much be used interchangeably.

How much mechanical energy is in a nuclear bomb?

That depends on the yield.

What are Christian viewpoints on nuclear weapons?

Most world religions dislike nuclear bombs because they cause so much destruction.