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You need to be more specific. I am not aware of any PlayStation games for the iPod Touch. Sony and Apple are Enemies!

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Q: How much are playstaion game for the ipod touch?
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How much game battery life does a ipod touch have?

About an hour and a half.

How much does the Ipod touch 4g cost in game stop?

An 8GB ipod touch 4g costs about $200. An 32 GB iPod touch costs $300. An 64 GB iPod touch 4g costs about $400. <------- (Crossed out) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Why would a refurbished iPod cost the same as a brand new one?

How much apps can a 8gb iPod touch hold?

It depends on how much memory a game takes up.

How much space does a game take up on an ipod touch?

depends on the game, it can take from 1mb to 600mb and more

Should you get a ipod touch or an xbox360?

Definitely an iPod Touch. The iPod Touch has many cool features, and costs much less than an XBox 360. Also because you have to pay like $50 for each game on the Xbox 360, but on the ipod you can get a lot of games free.

How much do you have to pay monthly for a iPod touch?

There are no monthly fees for a iPod Touch.

How much do the games cost for the ipod touch?

Depends on the game. They start at free and go up from there.

How much does cydia cost on iPod touch?

Cydia costs $9.99 on iPod touch.

How manygames can you have on a iPod Touch 8g?

It all depends on how much space you have in the Ipod touch and how big the game is cause not all games would take up the same amount of space in your ITouch.

What is an iPod hud?

An ipod hud is this ipod touch but not as good,But its pretty much the same as a ipod touch You may not be able to see this picture

To use an iPod touch do you have to have internet on the iPod touch?

no pretty much, else its just a large ipod nano 5g

How much is a disabled iPod touch worth?

A disabled ipod touch is worth £35-£40