How much alcohol can people drink?

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As much as they can :)

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Q: How much alcohol can people drink?
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How much alcohol do people drink each year?

Billions of people

How is alcohol misused?

Alchohol is misused because people drink to much of it and then they drink more and more and more.

How much money do English people spend on alcohol?

Its up to them how much they spend!! im English and i don't even drink alcohol....

Are Jewish people allowed to drink alcohol?

Yes, Jewish people are allowed to drink alcohol.

Who people drink alcohol too much what should recommendation for them?

stop drinking!

Can 33 percent alcohol kill you?

If you drink too much of it, yes. You can get alcohol poisoning from any percentage alcohol if you drink too much of it.

Are people who drink alcohol and against marijuana use hypocrites?

Yeah, pretty much.

Why do famous people who do drink alcohol?

Most high status people drink alcohol, as do those who are more educated.

If you don't know how much alcohol is in a drink you can?

If you don't know how much alcohol is in a drink, you can look on the container. It will give a percentage or strength of alcohol on the container.

Why do the people drink alcohol?

People drink alcohol for so many reasons. One common reason is to escape from the reality. Some drink as medicine thinking that alcohol will help circulate blood to each corner of the body. Some drink to socialize themselves as they can talk without much inhibition. Some consider alcohol as a part of the meals. Remaining others drink to kill themselves.

How much alcohol much a drink contain to be considered a alcohol beverage?


How much alcohol can you drink wile pregnant?

Dont drink alcohol if you are pregnant! It risks its life!

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