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Roughly 1 to 12 weeks.

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2011-04-19 09:42:32
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Q: How many weeks pregnant is considered your first trimester?
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What trimester is 12 weeks in?

12 weeks is considered the end of the first trimester.

What trimester is 18 weeks pregnant?

When someone is 18 weeks pregnant they are in their second trimester. A pregnancy is usually 42 weeks long. The first trimester is the first 13 weeks. The second trimester runs from week 14 to 26. The third and final trimester is weeks 27 to 42.

How many weeks pregnant are you if you are in your first trimester?


4 weeks is considered what trimester?

Four weeks along is in the first trimester. The first trimester ranges from week 1 - week 12, or the first three months.

How many weeks is it before you hit your first trimester?

The first trimester begins the moment that you become pregnant, and ends at 12 or 13 weeks, depending on who you ask.

What trimester are you in when you are twenty-seven weeks pregnant?

the second trimester

How many weeks is considered 1st trimester of pregnancy?

From first week to 12 weeks.

When does the 1st trimester of pregnancy start?

Pregnancy actually begins two weeks before you conceive (when the egg fertilizes the sperm). You generally find out you are pregnant two weeks after you conceive, by this time you would be four weeks pregnant techinally alhthoug a lot of people may consider themselves to be only two weeks pregnant. The first trimester begins at the techinal week 1, before you are actually "pregnant" and have conceived. Weeks 1-12 are the weeks of your first trimester.

What trimester are you in at 3 months pregnant?

Between the first and second. The first trimester is 0-12 weeks and the second is 13-28, so you could be in either

When does the first trimester start?

The first trimester is 1-12 weeks

How many trimesters is 30 weeks?

30 weeks is considered the beginning of the 3rd trimester. The second trimester ends at 28 weeks.

What trimester is 4 weeks?

Four weeks along is in the first trimester. The first trimester ranges from week 1 - week 12, or the first three months.

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