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A pregnancy lasts for approximately 40weeks

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Q: How many weeks does a woman's pregnancy last?
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Ho many weeks does a pregnancy last?

it last 40 weeks

How many weeks are in a pregnancy for second pregnancy?

All healthy, full-term pregnancies will last an average of 40 weeks.

How many months is 21 weeks in pregnancy?

It would be the last week of the 5th month.

How many days does a kitten stay in a cat stomach?

A cat's pregnancy last about 9 weeks.

How many weeks of pregnancy?

40 weeks.

How many weeks in pregnancies?

There should be at least be 40 weeks in pregnancy.

How many weeks are there in a pregnancy?

The average pregnancy goes 40 weeks after the last period, or 38 weeks after conception. Pregnancy is generally measured after the woman's last period. There are cases of premature babies, born in any week of the pregnancy. There are cases of the pregnancy continuing another week or two after 40 weeks. It depends on the woman and her baby.You are considered full term at 37+ weeks and may go into labor anytime. If you are still pregnant at 40 weeks your doctor will assess you and decide if they think you will need to be induced. Some women are pregnant for 42 weeks and have to be induced.40

About how many weeks does a human pregnancy last?

usually it is about 40 weeks but sometimes it may be overdue or premature but if not usually 40 weeks

How many days can a womans cycle last?

it can last up to a whole week

How many days after periods you can identify pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be confirmed about 4 weeks after the first day of your LMP (last period) or about the time your next period is due to begin.

How is the length of pregnancy determined according to the article entitled How Many Weeks Pregnant Am I?

The length of a pregnancy can be calculated by counting the days weeks forward from the last menstrual period. Although this is the traditional method of working it out there are other modern methods.

How many weeks is full term pregnancy?

38-42 weeks.