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There is no everclear in beer. Alcohol content of beer is measured as ABV or Alcohol By Volume. The ABV in normal beers can vary from about 3.2% to 5%, but some beers can be as high as 15%. There would be about half an ounce of alcohol in a normal beer. A typical shot is considered 1 ounce, so there would be an alcohol equivalent of about half a shot of everclear.

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Q: How many shots of 190 proof ever-clear in a beer?
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How many shots are in a handle of everclear?

About 45.

How many shots of ever-clear are equivalent to beer?

assuming you're referring to the 190 proof everclear, one shot of everlcear is equivalent to roughly two beers.

How many calories are in a shot of everclear 151 proof everclear grain alcohol?

= Everclear® alcohol = Everclear is a pure grain alcohol. The brand, produced by David Sherman Corporation, comes in two strength bands, both 95% (190 proof), and 75.5% (151 proof) bottles. Although, the 95% is undeniably the most popular and most available type. Many of the US provinces have made it illegal to buy Everclear and it's very uncommon to see the most potent of the Everclear products sold outside of America. And it's for good reason too. Everclear is incredibly potent and should be used strictly and responsibly. Don't drink it straight! Alcohol (ABV): 95.0% (190 proof) (per 1 oz serving) Calories (kcal) 190 Energy (kj) 794 Fats 0 Carbohydrates 0 Protein 0

How many shots of alcohol are in one 12oz can of beer?

That would depend on the strength of the beer in the can. You have not told us that so we can not answer you.

How many shots of vodka equal a i2 ounce beer?

1 shot.

How many shots in a 12oz beer?

a shot is considered 1 oz. - easy enough to do the math

How many shots of 30 proof liquor do you need to take to be drunk?

are you stupid.... it only takes 1.33 repeating of course shots to "be drunk"

What type of alcoholic beverage has the highest alcohol content per serving?

Everclear has an alcohol content of 95% alcohol (190 proof). It is unavailable in many states and countries.

How many calories in 1 oz of 190 Proof everclear?

Grain Alcohol has 190 kcal per 1 ounce serving.

If you mix 2 ounces of Everclear w 6 ounces of apple juice what is the alcohol percentage of that mix?

25% Close certainly, and better then many guesses when provided with inadequate information: Everclear is not 200 proof but available in 151 and 191 proof and the proof was not presented. The alcohol content of the applejuice was assumed to be zero but was not disclosed and may have been as high as 6 proof without any need for disclosure or labeling. Nitpicking yes, but math is an exact science and the answer given is not exact. Close, but no cigar.

How many shots of 150 proof whiskey would it take to exceed the legal limit?

One an hour is about right at the limit.

How many shots of 90 proof bourbon does it take to get drunk?

If you have two in one hour you will be about at the legal limit. After that, it depends on your own tolerance.