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Around 15.A "shot" equals approx. 1 to 1 1/2 oz., so 60 shots = approx. 60-90 oz. so then it would equal 5 to approx. 7 1/2 cans at 12 oz. per can.

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Q: How many cans of beer would you have to drink to take 60 shots of beer?
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Is 12 cans of beer a lot to drink?

Not if it is consumed over a period of days.

Pros and cons of trash?

beer cans are good for the environment, you drink the beer, get drunk, throw the can on the ground, and then beer plants grow out of the ground.

Are every drink can and beer can made out of aluminium?

no some are made of steel.(some 7up cans)

Why is liquid nitrogen used in beer cans over liquid oxygen?

The answer is, liquid nitrogen ISN'T used in beer cans. Nitrogen GAS is. And the reason nitrogen gas is used in beer cans is to emulate draft beer such as one would get out of a keg(as opposed to cask) beer.

What can be done with old beer cans?

Old beer cans can be collected. There are many collectors who would pay a decent price for a rare old beer can that can no longer be found. Beer cans can also be used to craft things by creative people. Things such as couches, suits of armor, model airplanes, and several other usable items have been made out of old beer cans.

How many beer cans does it take to get dunk?

depends on body weight and how much you drink regularly if your a "heavy hitter"

How cj can drink beer in ps2?

CJ can drink cans of Sprunk from machines in GTA San Andreas, but otherwise he can only drink beer when he is on a date with a girlfriend in a bar, which is shown in a cut scene. He does not get drunk like Niko does in GTA IV.

If you drink one beer out of a case how many do you have left?

It depends. One case of beer contains 24 bottles/cans (330ml) or 12 bottles (1 liter). In any case, 23 bottles or 11 bottles would be left if one beer is taken out of the beer case, respectively.

How much money would you get recycling a pound of beer cans?

It depends on how much a pound of aluminum is going for. The fact that they're beer cans won't make any difference.

Hands and feet swell when drinking beer?

i notice that my friend have feet swollen so she keep drink beer for 3 days streight she wont stop to drink over like 21 cans 12oz. is it bad?

My parents work all day but both drink 8 cans of beer every night are they alcoholics?

It sounds like they might be. if they can go a night without with the beer in the fridge then they are not.

A type of beer usually sold in bottles or cans?