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you have to lose 6 pounds

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Q: How many pounds do you have lose to go down 4 dress sizes in 7 days?
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How many pounds do you have to lose to go down a jean size?

The answer will vary from person to person. The amount of weight one must lose to go down one pant size will vary because you cannot "spot" reduce, and everyone is different (not everyone carries their fat in the same places and same proportions). When you lose weight, it comes off from all over your body, and how much comes off in the abdominal area, or one's rear end, or thighs, etc, will be different. One pound equals 3500 calories, so if you cut back on your intake and increase your activity just a little, you can achieve a safe, consistent weight loss of about 1-2 pounds per week.But if you have any type of family history or health concerns, or have not engaged in some type of supervised exercise program recently, I recommend that you contact your physician before you begin. Good luck!

Can a wedding dress be sized down from a 12 to an 8?

yes if you go to the right taliors they can take it down a couple a sizes for you

What is a weightlifters basic days meal?

Pounds and pounds of raw meat, with some raw eggs to wash it all down.

How do you loose 5 pounds in 2 days?

You don't. That would be dangerous to try to lose that much weight that fast. The best way to lose weight is to cut down on your portion sizes, eat healthy foods, and increase your exercise. You will probably lose a few pounds of "water weight" the first few, but it won't be that much.

What are some fast ways to drop a dress size?

For women, a dress size can be critical in the type of apparel available for an event or function. While there are many fads to lose weight fast, the best method to slim down practically is to diet and exercise for about one solid week. Seven days with vigorous exercise could be enough to lose as much as 10 pounds, more than enough to drop a dress size.

Can you remove the lace from your wedding dress?

Yes, you can remove lace from a wedding dress, but it is best done by a professional seamstress that will have some vision as to how the wedding dress will look without the lace.

How many pounds do you have to lose to go down a dress size?

Depends on your body type but on average a 8-10 pound loss will result in a smaller dress size. Working out with weights can also result in a smaller dress size. Losing inches tones and helps you look even better in that smaller dress.

What is the dress code for a teacher?

dress up during the week and on fridays they dress down

How much weight you can lose in 13 days?

If you lose 2 pounds a day that would be 26 pounds plus cut down on food so it's possible to lose around 30 lbs in one 13 days.

What does dress upscale mean?

Dress fancy Dressing down in casual

What should an accountant wear?

A button down shirt, dress pants, a dress coat, dress shoes, and a tie