How many pounds can you lose in 1 year?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it depends on how your weight is before you start. if you are extremely obese, you could lose up to 10 pounds a week. assuming you are a normal weight though, you can lose 1-2 pounds per week.

There is a diet pill namely "Phen 375" which is a fat burner diet pill, this pill would help you to lose weight very quickly without any side effects.

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Q: How many pounds can you lose in 1 year?
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How many pounds will you lose if you dont eat for 1 week straight?

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If you weigh 246 pounds and only eat 1700 calories a day how long will it take to lose 100 pounds?

1 year

How long will it take to lose 71 pounds?

In general, it's better to lose weight slowly; most doctors will suggest 1-2 pounds a week. At one pound a week, it would take about a year and a half to lose 71 pounds.

How many pounds does 1 lose in a month if yoga done daily?


Can you lose 100 pounds in a day?

no you cant lose 100 pounds in 1 day

How many pounds can you lose in 5 days?

Frankly it is very unhealthy to lose even 1 pound in 5 days.

How many pounds can you lose without eating for two weeks?

1 pound xD

How many cals do ı need to burn to lose 2.2 pounds per week?

since 3,500 calories = 1 pound, you need to lose 7,700 calories per week to lose 2.2 pounds per week.

How many sit ups will it take to lose 10 pounds?

You will need to do about 20 thousand sit ups in order to lose 10 pounds. This is if you do at least 1 thousand sit ups at a time.

How many pounds will you lose in a sauna in 30 minutes?

Depends on your current amount of water stored in your body and how hot it is etc. The pounds you will lose will almost certainly be water weight.

How much weight will you lose in six months if you lose 1-2 pounds a week?

There are 52 weeks in a year. Six months = 26 weeks. 1 - 2 is a bit vague so we'll call it 1.5. 1.5 x 26 = 39 pounds.

How does a 14 year old girl who weighs 99 pounds lose 10 in 1-2 months?

Unless the 14 year old girl is 3 feet tall, she doesn't need to lose ten pounds when she only weighs 99 pounds to begin with. She should seek help for her eating disorder, instead.