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200 million people are killed and then become stupide becouse this page is not factuale

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Q: How many people get shot by their own gun?
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How old do you have to be to own a shot gun?


How many people got shot by their own people in world war 2?

lots of people got shot by their own people becase people were probibly running evrywhere.

Is it illegal to own a sawed off shot gun in the state of Pennsylvania?

yes it is illegal to own a sawed off shot gun in far as i know its illegal in every state of the US

How old do you have to be to shot at a gun range?

Each range has its own rules.

How many people own a gun in the USA?

@ 25% of the total population.

How many people in Arizona own a gun?

No way to know.

What is shot girl?

I think you mean "shot gun" This is what is meant by shot gun: Firearm that is a double-barreled smoothbore shoulder weapon for firing shot at short ranges no dumb@ss, not shotgun (and it's shotgun not shot gun). a shot girl is a young female who works at a bar or club. she buys shots and other drinks with her own money and walks around trying to get people to buy those drinks, and she keeps whatever profit she makes as a tip (although most people include a tip when buying from her). shot girls rely on using sex appeal to make sales.

What age is needed to own a shot gun license?

To get a gun license you would need to go into a gun store in the town you live in and ask for the information you need.

Why people shouldn't be allowed to own gun?

Your question calls for an opinion. My opinion is that people SHOULD be allowed to own a gun.

Should christians own a gun for protection?

There is some risk is involved in owning a gun. There are a lot of accidents involving guns, and people who own guns for their own protection are sometimes shot by their own guns, which may be stolen from them. There are certainly cases of children getting hold of their parents' guns and playing with them and accidentally shooting people (or in some cases, deliberately shooting people). If you do own a gun you have to store it securely and you have to know how to use it. Still, if you are a Christian who lives in Egypt, India, or some other country in which Christians are being actively persecuted, then it probably would be helpful to own a gun for your protection.

How many people own a gun in America in 2009?

There is no source of exact information. Best estimate is about 120 million people.

Can a felon own a black powder gun in the state of nc?

Yes they can I got one shot myself and one shot one kill is my moto