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Well it is August 2009 so that would be 5 months pregnant.

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Q: How many months pregnant would you be if conceived march 2009?
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Your baby conceived tenth and 11th of march when would baby be born?

when will my due date be if i conceived 10th and 11th of march

If a baby is born on march ninth when was he conceived?

middle of June would be when the baby is conceived

Your period started the 25 of february 2008 and you got pregnant in march when would you conceived?

Usually the date of conception is about 2 weeks after your last period, or in the middle of your cycle. This is when your body ovulates.

How many months pregnant am I?

Well I would guess that you are no more than 9 months pregnant!

How many months are you if your sixteen weeks pregnant?

If you were 16 weeks, you would be 4 months pregnant.

How many weeks pregnant are you if you conceived on Feb 10th?

You would be about 4 weeks pregnant and have an estimated due date of November 3rd.

If a baby is conceived in May can it be born in April?

No. The baby would be due in February or March

You just check you are 11 weeks and fivedays pregnant but you don know when you conceived would some one help you?

If you just found out that you are 11 weeks and 5 days pregnant you would have conceived approximately 11 weeks and 5 days ago

What day did you get pregnant if your due date is May 30 2008?

you would of conceived on the 6th of September

How many months would you be if you are 15 weeks pregnant?

4.5 months

What would be the correct date I conceived if my due date is march the fourteenth?

Mid June or thereabouts

If you conceived on 5th July when would your baby be due?

The estimated date of birth is March 28th

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