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You can eat as many as you want.

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Q: How many figs should you eat during pregnancy?
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How many figs should you eat in one day?

5 figs

How many figs should you take in the day?

3 to 4 figs we should take in a will relief in constipation...

How many injections should be taken during pregnancy?

That is a question better suited for your doctor.

Do you have to go to doctor during pregnancy?

You should go to a doctor or midwife while pregnant there are so many dangers for you and the baby if you don't have medical help during a pregnancy

Are periods during pregnancy hereditary?

It's not possible to have a period during a pregnancy. If you see blood it does not necessarily mean something is wrong. There are many reasons for it and you should ask a doctor to find out why

How many extra calories is a wonmen supposed to eat during pregnancy on a daily consumpution?

300 cal. per day should be taken extra than your regular intake during pregnancy

A recipe calls for 8 oz of figs the figs come in packages of 100g how many boxes should you buy?

8 oz = 226 grams

Is citrazine safe during pregnancy how many times you can take in a week?

Cetrizine is not safe during pregnancy. You can take promethazine (Phenergan). That is safe during pregnancy.

How many sig figs does 43.023 have?

5 sig figs

How many sig figs are in 40500?

there are 3 sig figs. 4, 0, and 5 are the sig figs

Should you drink a drink called white Russian while you are pregnant?

White Russian is an alcoholic drink and SHOULD BE AVOIDED during pregnancy. Alcohol causes many birth defects. Exposing the baby to alcohol during your pregnancy increases the chances of the baby having Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which refers to growth, mental and physical problems that may occur in a baby whose mother drank during her pregnancy. No amount of alcohol is considered safe during pregnancy.

How many sig figs are in 1.032?

There are four sig figs in 1.032