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It depends on how high your HCG level was. I had a loss in August and it took 4weeks to get back down to Zero. I had to keep having blood tests until it went down to five. So even tho it climbs really high really fast the decline takes longer.

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Q: How many days urine show a positive pregnancy test after pregnancy loss?
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Why might you miss your period for two months and have only light spotting for a few days if urine and blood pregnancy tests were negative?

Stress or weight loss are two possibilities. If you have lost a lot of weight recently it could distrupt your cycle.

What are the reasons for having a shorter period from 5 days to 2 days?

stress, weight loss, pregnancy, weight gain, contraception

When was Pregnancy after a loss created?

Pregnancy after a loss was created in 1999.

If the baby is a missed miscarriage will a pregnancy test still be positive?

In a missed miscarriage, the pregnancy hormone hCG may still be present in the body, causing a pregnancy test to remain positive. This occurs because the body may not have recognized the loss of the pregnancy yet. If you suspect a missed miscarriage, it is important to seek medical advice for confirmation and appropriate care.

Had period twice for July now im sick am i pregnant?

There are several signs and symptoms which may suggest the possibility of pregnancy, however a positive pregnancy test is the earliest reliable method of pregnancy confirmation. Let's discuss some early signs of symptoms of pregnancy, then we will explore confirmatory tests. Missed period is a common early sign of pregnancy, however a missed mensteual cycle or even irregular bleeding, such as you have experienced, does not always indicate pregnancy. Stress, extreme weight gain or weight loss, intense exercise, and even having new roommates can affect the timing of your period. Nausea and vomiting are also common early symptoms of pregnancy, but once again, factors other than pregnancy may be the cause. Breast tenderness is often experienced in pregnancy. Other causes may include breast cysts, caffeine, birth control pills and less often breast infection or tumor. Fatigue, or increased tiredness and sleepiness may also occur during pregnancy. A combination of missed menses, breast tenderness and nausea with or without vomiting, strongly suggests the likelihood of pregnancy. While the previously mentioned symptoms are not diagnostic, it is possible to know for sure if you're pregnant by taking a pregnancy test. This can be done either with a sample of urine, or a sample of blood. Generally pregnancy can be diagnosed wiki. A few days after implantation, the blood pregnancy test becomes positive. An early urine pregnancy test would be positive 3-5 days layer. Most people use a urine pregnancy test, since these can be purchased at your local store and done in the privacy of your home. Of course a sonogram is another method of diagnosing pregnancy, but this is more expensive and is usually not useful until several weeks after the pregnancy is established. So, the short answer to your question is - we don't know without some further testing. I would recommend a urine pregnancy test. If it is negative but you still feel "suck", it might be good to consult your doctor.

What is the ISBN of Pregnancy after a loss?

The ISBN of Pregnancy after a loss is 978-0425170472.

How many pages does Pregnancy after a loss have?

Pregnancy after a loss has 375 pages.

Can you measure blood loss in urine?

Ask a doctor for a urine test and they can measure your blood loss.

After a miscarriage and home test is still positive is it possible that you are still pregnant?

Wait a few weeks to take a pregnancy test after a miscarriage. It will take a while for the pregnancy hormone to get out of your system, so a test will show up positive even if you are not pregnant. Hope this helps. And I am sorry for your loss.

Is weight loss is a sign of pregnancy?

Yes it is right weight loss is sign of pregnancy, but not always. During pregnancy, decrease nausea and vomiting is a big reason of weight loss.

Why will a test be still positive afer a DnC?

The pregnancy hormones are still in your system. Most women can expect their levels to return to a non-pregnant range about 4 - 6 weeks after a pregnancy loss has occurred. This can differentiate by how the loss occurred (spontaneous miscarriage, D & C procedure, abortion, natural delivery) and how high the levels were at the time of the loss. Health care providers usually will continue to test hCG levels after a pregnancy loss to ensure they return back to <5.0

What are the dangers of tubal pregnancy?

Internal hemorrhage, shock, infection, loss of a fallopian tube / ovary and severe pain are all risks of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. If you are having lower abdominal pain, spotting, or bleeding after a positive pregnancy test you need to be seen by a doctor.