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Q: How many calories kj or kcal are needed per day for a healthy diet for a sixty five year old?
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Do i need protein or calories to build muscle?

Calories are needed to build muscle. Calories can include protein but more importantly, a person should eat a healthy diet.

Does the cookie diet actually work?

The cookie diet may work, but the 800 calorie intake that it suggests is not healthy. The diet does not provide enough calories, fruits, vegetables needed. My recommendation is to hit the gym and eat healthy.

How many calories in a baby corn spear?

493 there is not that much you would need about 10-15 of these to get your daily amount of calories needed to live healthy.( unless you are on a diet ).

What are the Health benefits from milk chocolate?

Milk Chocolate does not really have many health benefits. It can provide some of the needed calories and fats for a healthy diet, along with some calcium, though. Dark Chocolate conatin healthy antioxidants, too.

Is sixty percent of carbohydrates a good percentage for a healthy diet?

Hi, I believe that for a healthy diet the percentage should be 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbs.

What is needed have a healthy diet?

Because if you dont have a healthy diet, you will become overweight and possibly die from obese weight

How many calories should a 120lb person have?

If it's a woman then I would say the correct amount of calories for a healthy diet is 1,700 calories. For a man it varies. 2,000 calories is a healthy amount for a man.

No Calories, No Energy?

On a zero calorie foods diet, you will definitely lose weight, but it is not healthy for you. The reason you will lose weight is because you are not eating foods with calories in them. You need calories in your diet so you will have energy during the day to carry out your activities. If you want to diet, eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, not just foods that have no calories in them.

How many calories per day should a teenager take if on a healthy diet?

1,000,000 calories a day you a hole

How a healthy diet keeps your body strong?

All necessary minerals and vitamins are part of a healthy diet and therefore needed for growth.

How many calories a day is healthy diet?

About 2500 is a good amount for ahealthy Adult

Why do you need folic acid in your diet?

Folic acid is needed in the diet for the healthy development of cells