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About 40 calories.

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Q: How many calories in 4 apple slices?
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How many calories in boiled bacon?

how many calories in 4 slices of boiling bacon

How many calories are in 4 slices of cucumber?

Only about 8 or 10 calories.

How many calories is in 2 slices of fresh pineapple?

50 calories. slices should be 3inches in length and 3/4 inch in width.

How many calories are there in 4 slices of rib eye steak?

There is no way to answer this without knowing the size of the slices

How many calories are in 4 pieces of turkey bacon?

There are about 170 calories in 4 medium slices of turkey bacon.

How many calories in 4 slices of whole wheat bread?


How many calories in 4 oz apple?

37 calories no it is not 37 it is 70 calories

How many calories are in 4 slices of white bread?

The average slice of bread is about 110 calories, but can be anywhere from 80 to 160 depending on the brand and ingredients. However, using the average, 4 slices of bread will be roughly 450 calories or so.

How many slices of bread does one bagel equal?

Calories-wise, one bagel has the calories of 2-3 slices of bread. Weight-for-weight, one bagel weighs the same as 3-4 slices of bread.

How much fat is in 4 apple slices?


How many calories in 4 oz of apple?

Calories in 4 oz of appleThere are:Approx 56 calories in 4 ounces of apple without the peelApprox 60 calories in 4 ounces of apple with the peel.For the calories in other fruits, and a calories in fruit chart, which you may use as a daily guide, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Links

If an apple was sliced into fourths . She ate 3 slices of the apple which fraction of the apple did she eat?

She ate 3/4.

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