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There are about 170 calories in 4 medium slices of turkey bacon.

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Q: How many calories are in 4 pieces of turkey bacon?
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How many calories are in subway's turkey bacon avocado?

420 calories

How many calories do eggs and turkey bacon have?

a large whole egg is 90 turkey bacon is 61

How many calories in a bacon samwitch?

There are 269 calories in two pieces of baguette bread and 64 calories in a piece of bacon. A slice of bacon has 4.0 grams of fat. Which is a lot. In total there are 333 calories in a bacon SANDWITCH!

How many calories in bacon bits?

One strip of bacon has approximately 40-50 calories.45 calories.

How many calories in a Jack in the Box Turkey Bacon and Cheddar sandwich?

647 calories, 30 grams of fat,

How many calories in bacon without fat?

It depends on what kinds of bacon , for example turkey bacon is slightly healthier then pork bacon so general it would have less calories. But on average i am guessing 150 calories per medium sized slice.

How many calories is 6 pieces of bacon?

Rosemary Stantons Fat & Fibre Counter says: Bacon, middle, raw, trimmed 100g contains 570kj which is about 136 calories

How many calories does a BLT have?

It's going to depend on how many pieces of bacon, and what type of bread is used, and how much mayo. But probably around 400 calories. This estimate is based on the fact that the ham and Swiss sandwich I just ate at subway had 350 calories.

How many calories in boiled bacon?

It depends on the weight of the pack. The calorie content is usually listed on the back of the pack. Alternatively, for the calories in bacon by weight, or the number of strips/pieces in a serving, please the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

How many calories in 8 slices of bacon?

Depends on the kind of bacon, look on your pack for what a serving size is, then divide the calories in one serving by the number of slices in one serving. For example The bacon I eat (turkey btw, that's why the cal count is low) has 2 slices as the serving size, there are 84 calories in one serving so 84/2 = 42 calories in one slice.

How many kcal are in a bacon roll?

1 piece of bacon has 149 calories; roll is 144, calories so that is 442 calories in one bacon roll.

How many calories in a turkey club sandwich with mayo with french fries also 4 potato skins with bacon and cheese?

approx 1,134