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Depends on you height, age and activity level. But to keep it simple, the human body needs 1,200 calories a day to have normal organ function so a average man with moderate activity level needs around 2,000 calories a day.

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Q: How many calories does an average man need?
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How many calories does an average man burn while sleeping?

About 50 calories

How many calories would a 230lb man need per a day?

How many calories you need depends on if you are trying to gain weight or not. A 230lb man would need about 2500 calories per day.

How many calories for an average man per day?

it is to 15 to 180

How many calories do you need for a 30 year old?

1,600 calories for a woman, 2,000 calories for a man.

How many calories on average do you comsume in a year?

If you multiply the average man's daily value of calories (2,000) into a year, it goes to 730,000. So, on average, probably between 700,000 calories and 750,000 calories per year.

What is the average needed calories for a 65 year old man?

About 1,800 calories, on average.

How many calories might an average man take in a day?

An average man might eat 2500 calories a day. If he is exercising a lot he will need a higher calorie intake. However, it also depends on whether he wants to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain weight.

How many calories does a man of 174 pounds need to eat?


How many calories does an old man need age 80?


Why would cyclists need over twice the average calories than a regular man?

Because the cycle a lot

How many calories dies the average 185 lbs man burn in one day?


How many calories in food could I consume if I am a woman of average size?

The amount of calories for the average sized woman is around 2000 calories a day - with the amount for a man being at around 2500 calories. You can get more nutrition information from your doctor.

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