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You burn 1 calorie per minute. Or in other words, you will burn 60 calories an hour and this is while sleeping. So if you eat 1400 calories in 24 hrs, and you burn 1400 calories every 24 hours, you'll stay at the same weight. So what you should do is try to burn 500 extra calories throughout the day. By the end of the week, you will have burned 3500 calories, equivilent to 1 lb. of fat.

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Q: How many calories burn per hour doing nothing?
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How many calories will you burn sleeping one hour?

When we sleep, we actually burn about 77 calories per hour. Not too bad for doing nothing!

How much calories can you burn a day doing nothing?

Roughly 50 calories per hour. This varies from person to person.

How long does it take to burn off 98 calories?

One hour if you are doing nothing and are a grown up adult of 70 kg

How many calories does a 230 pound man burn if doing fast past cardo boxing for a hour?

A man that weighs 230 pounds will burn approximately 1,200 calories doing fast paced cardio boxing for an hour. Walking for an hour will burn approximately 300 calories.

How many calories can you burn per hour?

It depends on what you are doing. Playing an intense sport or working out hard can burn a few hundred calories per hour.

If you were injured and lay in bed all day how many calories would you burn i a day?

A 140 lb person burns 64 calories doing nothing in 1 hour

How many calories burn doing half hour abs class?

250 calories depends on your size

How can you burn over 900 calories in one hour and forty minutes?

You can burn 500 calories doing a treadmill workout for forty one minutes (see 'Related Link' below). You can then burn over 400 doing boxing on the wii for an hour.

Calories burned in 20 minutes for gymnastics?

You burn 430 calories every hour you spend doing gymnastics.

How can you burn 3500 calories in one hour?

You cannot burn 3,500 calories in one hour.

How many calories does the body burn per hour?

It depends entirely on the amount of work you are doing.

How many calories do you burn while doing star jumps?

Maybe 400-600/hour.

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