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Depends how many calories you consume

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2012-03-09 21:44:41
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Q: How many calories are required to burn to loose 1kg of weight per week?
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Why changes happen when exercising?

u loose weight and burn calories... =]

Does coffee burn calories or lose calories?

Coffee doesnt not burn calories nor make you loose calories it just adds onto your weight if you drink to much at one time

Is dance good for you?

yes, it can improve your mucles,burn calories loose weight, and have a healthier cardiovascular heath (:

How many calories do you need to burn a day to lose weight quickly?

It depends how much you want to loose, and what is your current weight. Normally, people follow the one-thirs rule, where you loose one-third of the calories you consume each day. For example, if I consume 1500 calories, I will burn off 500.

How many calories equals one pound of weight?

There are about 3,500 calories in a pound. Burn 3,500 calories more than you take in = loose one pound. Take in 3,500 more calories than you burn = gain a pound.

Can you lose weight by jump rope?

No matter what form of exercise you use, you'll loose weight if you "burn" more calories than you consume. While jumping rope is certainly an aerobic exercise and can help you burn more calories, if you don't consume less than you're burning you won't loose weight.

Can eating apples help you to lose weight?

There are 2 ways to loose weight - eat less, or burn more, calories. If apples replace a higher calorie food, that is eating less calories.

What form of yoga is best for weight loss?

None really. In order to loose weight you have to either eat less or burn more calories (preferably both!). Yoga really doesn't burn that many calories as you really dont move that much.

You work out three day a week and do 1 strength training session why have you not lost weight?

It depends on the type of workout you do those 3 days. If you do exercises that can burn calories like tread mill, elliptical, jogging then you may burn the excess calories that are required to lose weight. If you do not train hard and burn calories you will not be able to lose weight.

What is the best way to get toned fast?

haveing sexual intercourse is the fasted way to loose weight because you burn alot of calories...

Controlling body weight is best accomplished by?

eating the same amount of calories that you burn in a day will make your weight stay the same, to lose weight burn more calories then you eat and to gain weight eat more calories then you burn

How many calories do you need to burn to loose a lb?


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