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A long time sitting, less time walking, even less time jogging

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Q: How long would it take to burn off 4000 calories?
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How long running does it take to burn 4000 kj?

I guess you mean how long do you have to run to burn off 4000 KJ. Well first off 4000 KJ is equal to 955 food calories. Also, for every mile you run, you burn off an average of 100 calories along with it. Although the amount of calories burned all depends on age, sex, weight, temerature, terrain(hilly, offroad , ect), and also weather (windy, rainy, ect). If you do the math, you would have to run 9.55 miles to burn off 955 calories (4000KJ).

How long would it take to burn 910 calories?

I burn 910 calories in 1 hour of hard cycling according to my Garmin.

How long would you have to run to burn 460 calories?

depends on lots of factors all of which will change the answer. these factors are:agegenderBMIgeneral fitness levelrunning speedrunning terrain/inclinefor me, running at 6mph I burn 900 calories per hour, so I would have to keep it up for 4 hours to burn 3500 calories, or almost a complete marathon.3500 calories is equivalent to 1lb of body fat

How long would it take to burn off 535 calories?

depends what your doing

How long would it take to burn 160 calories?

Calorie expenditure is related to amount of work needed to make muscles move the affected parts of the body, so the farther or faster you move the body, and the more weight you move, the more will be burned.

How long to burn 1 gram of trans fat?

A gram of any kind of fat is about 8 calories. The time to burn it depends on your activity. You burn calories even at rest (1.6 calories/hour) so at rest it would take you about 5 hours to burn 1 gram of fat. If instead of sitting alone in a chair you were kissing someone you would burn 8 calories in about 5 minutes. If you were walking you would burn 8 calories in 2 or 3 minutes.

How long will it take to burn 1500 calories in heavy weight lifting?

Depends on what you are doing and how hard you are exercising. I have a running watch that estimates calorie burn and it typically tells me about 100 calories per mile. So a 15 mile run would do it for you.

How long would you have to cycle to burn off the calories from a kitkat?

More than a day