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Swollen or tender breasts can appear as soon as the day your period is due or even earlier. Early pregnancy and pre-menstrual symptoms are very similar, so tender breasts may occur up to a week before your period is due. A pregnancy test will confirm one way or the other as soon as your period is late.

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Q: How long will it take for swollen or tender breast appear during pregnancy?
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When swollen or tender breast happen during pregnancy?

Swollen and/or tender breasts are usually among the first signs of pregnancy.

During pregnancy when do you start to get stretch marks on your breast?

During pregnancy when do you start to get stretch marks on your breast?

Is squeezing breast safe during pregnancy?

Pregnancy as is no contraindication to squeeze the breast.

Do the breast get bigger during pregnancy?

Yes. Each breast will usually gain about two to four pounds during pregnancy.

Difference between premenstrual breast pain and breast pain during pregnancy?

Premenstrual breast pain and breast pain during pregnancy feel the same and occur for the same hormonal reasons. If you think you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test.

Does your anus expand during pregnancy?

No but it can feel swollen and especially if you get hemorrhoids which is common..

How do you soften women breast?

The breasts are how they are. During menstruation they can get swollen but a normal breast is never hard. If she has implant she needs to speak to her surgeon.

Does your breast get sore when pregnant?

Many but not all women do have soreness or tenderness of the breast during pregnancy.

Did you ever use any products during pregnancy that may have eased breast pain morning sickness and swollen feet?

Instead of taking any products, I used to change my way of life. For example, changing my food uses in the morning to avoid morning sickness, avoid warm water to prevent swollen feet and wore adapted bras to deal with breast pain.

When does breast milk form during pregnacy?

around the time you will give birth or maybe during pregnancy

When do he breasts swell during pregnancy?

You can begin to notice breast changes as early as two weeks into your pregnancy. It won't be until much later in your pregnancy though that you will begin to notice your breasts "swelling" due to breast milk. It really varies upon when you will notice breast swelling in the beginning of pregnancy though.

Why do your breasts get bigger during pregnancy?

The breasts are preparing to produce milk for breast feeding.