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Ideally you should wait until the day your period is due, or after it is late for the best results, taking a test too early can cause a false negative because you didn't have enough HCG (Pregnancy) hormone in your urine to turn the test positive. Good Luck


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Q: How long should you wait to take a pregnancy test?
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How long after taking a pregnancy test should you take another pregnancy test?

2 weeks

How long do you wait after missing your cycle to take a pregnancy test?

You should wait about a week to take a test

How long after your period should you take a pregnancy test?

Dpeneds on the pt brand

How long after conception will a pregnancy test be accurate?

About 2 weeks after conception a pregnancy test will be accurate. You should ensure to take the test in the morning when the level of the pregnancy hormone, hCG will be at its highest.

If a pregnancy test comes up inconclusive how long should you wait to take another test?

Wait a week and then retake the test.

How long after implantation should you wait to take a pregnancy test?

4 weeks to be really sure.

How long does it take for fertilisation after intercourse when can you take a pregnancy test I don't have any symptoms does that mean iam not?

You should wait for at least two weeks for then only can you do a pregnancy test that will show a result.

Can you take pregnancy test if you had a light period and when should you do?

When your period Is over take the test.

If you have intercourse a week and a half before your period is supposed to come how long should you wait to take a pregnancy test?

you should wait to see if your next cycle comes. if you think that you may be late then you can take a home pregnancy test.

Is it accurate to have a pregnancy test during menstruation?

Yes. The pregnancy test should be accurate whenever you take it

Is it too early to take a pregnancy test or should I wait?

you should wait 2 to 3 weeks after to get a home pregnancy test

Should you take a pregnancy test while spotting?

You can, there's nothing about spotting that would effect the outcome of the pregnancy test or stop you from being able to take a pregnancy test. You can use a pregnancy test from two weeks after sex.

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