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Considering that a piercing isn't fully healed until it's a year old, a light heal is seen by about 6~8 weeks depending on the piercing. So you could get another one in about a weeks time post initial piercing.

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Q: How long should you wait to get another piercing after one just healed?
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How do you take your belly piercing out not to change just for p.e at school.?

If healed you should just be able to unscrew and take it out and in. If not healed you will irritate the piercing and end up with a messed up or even infected piercing. Can you not just cover the area with a soft bandage& tape? cover it all to avoid it getting rubbed?

Can i take out my piercing to play sport just after i get it done?

i would definetly not recommend you take out a fresh piercing. it's not fully healed,can close easy,or can be irritated. you should just get it done during summer time or when your sports are over with.

When your belly button piercing is fully healed do you still have to clean it?

Even though it is completely healed you still should clean it. You don't have to as much as when you first got it but it still can get infected and you should just clean it in the shower and do soaks every once in a while.

Meaning of tragus piercing?

Just another ear cartilage piercing, it has no magical meaning, it's just another piercing.

How long does it take for a tragus piercing to close?

It depends on how long you have the piercing/ how healed it is. If you have it for longer than a year and it is all healed, it will usually stay open for awhile. Your tragus is just like the cartilage on the outer rim of your ear.

What happens if you remove your tongue piercing before its healed?

Well nothing then again you could loose the piercing. Don't mess around with your piercing unless you have decided to go without it, then take it out and leave it out. Screwing around with a piercing that isn't healed is inviting infection, tearing and other nasty things to happen to a new piercing just because you were curious.

How does a tongue piercing heal?

you should suck on ice it'll heal faster for me i just let it heal on its on @ its on pace just i wouldn't eat food with bacteria or mercury until its fully healed

How long should you wait after getting an ear piercing to sleep on your side?

I would wait a couple of weeks maybe 4 or less just to make sure that it is some what healed.

Do you remove your nose piercing while cleaning it?

No. Especially not while its new. Removing and reinserting the jewelry will not only hurt, but irritate the piercing. After its healed, just do whatever you'd like!

What if your lip piercing is healed but lip rings that scrab them and they hurt?

Get a new ring, or if it's just that rings are uncomfortable for you, get a stud.

What should you do to help heal your nose piercing?

You should make sure that it heals up clean, so clean it every night and then just let it heal. If it has not healed in a year or so call a doctor and see what he thinks.

What is an oracle piercing?

Sorry no such piercing, just another made up name.