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Get a new ring, or if it's just that rings are uncomfortable for you, get a stud.

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Q: What if your lip piercing is healed but lip rings that scrab them and they hurt?
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Is it normal for a healed belly piercing to hurt after the ring is changed?

Yes. Its fine for it to be a bit sore

Do you remove your nose piercing while cleaning it?

No. Especially not while its new. Removing and reinserting the jewelry will not only hurt, but irritate the piercing. After its healed, just do whatever you'd like!

I just took out my eyebrow piercing Im planing on repiercing it in 3 weeks due to it not being big enough to fit a 16g Do you think it would be healed to get it done again would it hurt more?

Only being able to see the existing piercing can allow one to say if it would be healed enough to get it repierced in that time period.

What piercing does not hurt?

All piercings hurt.

Does it hurt to change your industrial piercing for the first time?

Yes. It usually hurts to change any piercing for the first time. Make sure that your new jewelry is internally threaded. External threading can scratch up the inside of your piercing and cause more pain/bleeding. Save the external threading for when it's really healed.

If you pierce your belly button does it hurt to dive in softball?

A new piercing and you want to dive on it? Yes it will hurt the piercing.

Can you pick your nose if you have a nose piercing?

Yes, you can, but it hurts if you just had it done. Other than that, it doesn't hurt at all! It just feels weird doing it the first few times because you have to work around your nose ring and be very careful with it, and this is just after piercing it. Once it's healed, you won't feel anything at all; it's just like picking your other nostril. Of course, once you are fully healed, you can remove the piercing to clean the jewelry and the nostril if you desire.

Does it hurt when you get your cartliage pierced?

Well it all depends on how you handle pain. I handle pain good so mine didn't hurt. When my Helix is healed i am getting my second ear lobe holes and then after that i am getting my industrial piercing with is a bar across your ear. (cartilage piercing). If it hurts to get your helix done don't get another cartilage piercing don't get an industrial if you ever want it cause it goes through your ear twice so its twice the pain.

How long will it take for me to remove my nose piercing to clean it?

You should clean your nose piercing with antibacterial (Dial) soap twice a day for the first week that you have it. After that first week, reduce cleaning to once a day. Be sure not to overclean as you can cause moderate to severe irritation to your piercing.

Can you give a sentence with the word piercing?

Once I was finished piercing her tongue I went home. The sound was so piercing it hurt my ears. His comment was piercing and hurt my feelings. I watched him piercing each piece of meat with a skewer to make the kabobs.

Why does your lip piercing hurt?

As the piercing gets older and more healed you will get "stitches" from it on occasion. This is the tissue settling in and healing, short lived occasions of mild pain or twinges lasting a few moment to being uncomfortable for a few hours. It's not uncommon and happens with all piercings. This is part of the piercing toughening up and nothing to worry about.

Why does your eyebrow piercing hurt after a week of getting it?

Well any piercing will hurt for a while because the body has a foreign object in it so at first it'll try to reject it but with piercings it takes several weeks to heal, wherein the body can not reject it so begins to heal around it, making piercings virtually painless one they've healed. (Or if it still hurts it could be infected.)