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On the actual military weapons (whether they have the M4 profile barrel or the government profile barrel), the barrel length is 14.5 inches. On civilian "M-forgeries", a 16 inch barrel is more commonplace, although the 14.5 inch barrels can be found on the civil market, provided that they are equipped with a permanently mounted flash suppressor or muzzle brake of a sort which brings the overall barrel length to 16".

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Q: How long is the barrel on the M-4?
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How long is the barrel of a m4 rifle?

14.5 inches on the actual M4 rifle.

What is the difference between a M4 and M16?

M4 is the carbine- shorter barrel

How long is the inner barrel of a Airsoft AUG?

Most airsoft AUG inner barrels, are equivalent to an m4's inner barrel due to the bullpup design.

Is a m16 different than a m4 carbine?

Yes. Principle differences between the M16 and M4 include: M16 has a 20 inch barrel while the M4 has 14.5 inch barrel, M16 has a fixed buttstock while the M4 has a retractable six-position buttstock. Virtually all M4s have a 20 millimeter accessory rail, while only M16s after the A3 variant have the rail. The M4 carbine also has a stepdown in the barrel to accommodate the M203 grenade launcher due to its thicker barrel profile. Performance-wise, the M4 is also less accurate at range due to its shorter barrel, but is easier to maneuver in cramped environments.

What are the specifications of an M4?

The M4 carbine is a shorter and lighter variant of the M16A2 assault rifle. The M4 is a 5.56×45mm NATO, air-cooled, direct impingement gas-operated, magazine-fed carbine. It has a 14.5 in barrel and is 33 inches long.. It weighs 6.5 lbs.

Can theM4A1 air- soft fold its barrel?

barrels do not fold. Some m4 models allow you to take the barrel out.

What is unique about the m4 compared to m16 rifle?

Aside from the obvious differences, such as the collapsible buttstock and shorter barrel (14.5 inches vs. 20 inches), there are some more subtle ones. The M4 has a higher Front Sight Base to compensate for the shorter sight distance, the M4 uses a different buffer and buffer spring than the M16, the M4 has an indentation in the barrel to accommodate the M203 grenade launcher mount developed for the M4 (government law enforcement M4s typically have a barrel without this indentation), and the M4 has a longer set of feed ramps which also extend into the lower receiver itself.

How long is a M4?

The M4 carbine has an overall length of 29.75 inches (756mm) with the stock retracted, and 33 inches (840mm) with the stock fully extended. It has a barrel length of 14.5 inches (370mm).

Which has a greater range m4 or m16?

The M16 assault rifle has a greater range than the M4 carbine as a result of its 20-inch barrel, compared with 14.5 for the M4. The M16 can hit an area target out to 800 meters while the M4 is effective to 600 meters.

What does the MP on the M4 barrel mean?

on the smith and Wesson m4, it means military police, because its sold under thesmith and Wesson M&P line of guns

What are the differences between the M4 and M16?

The M4 is basically a carbine version of the M16A2 rifle, and was developed both to reflect the development of the M16A2 over the previous M16A1, and to correct deficiencies which had been identified with the XM-177 (which was the carbine variant of the M16A1).General differences between the M4 and M16 include:M4 has a four position collapsible buttstock (vs. the fixed buttstock of the M16)The weight of the buffer is different in the M4 than the M16The M4 has shorter handguardsThe M4 has a shorter gas systemThe M4 has extended feed ramps cut into the upper receiver for ease of chambering rounds.The M4 has a 14.5 inch barrel, vs. the 20 inch barrel of the M16The M4 has an "F" marked front sight base, which is designed to compensate for the difference in sight radius between the M4 and M16The M4 has an indentation in the barrel profile to facilitate the mounting of an M203 grenade launcher.Some people often cite the removable carry handle of the M4 as one difference, but the first production run of M4 carbines had the same fixed carry handle as the M16A2 (I was actually issued one when I was in the FL National Guard).

Does the colt m4 shoot both 556 and 223 ammunition?

Yes it does, unless your barrel is stamped .223 .