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Since the summer of 2006

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Q: How long have Paul Digiovanni and Kerri Welsh been going out for?
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How did paul digiovanni and Kerri Welsh met?

They met when Paul joined the band. Kerri was friends with the other guys 1st.

What is Paul digiovanni's full name?

Paul Charles DiGiovanni

What race is Paul DiGiovanni?

Paul DiGiovanni is the lead guitarist for the American rock band Boys Like Girls. He was born in Massachusetts, and is Caucasian.

Who is paul digiovanni's girlfriend?

Kerri Welsh. I'm not sure if they're still together, seeing as she's been living in Australia for 4 months but, they were together prior to that for 2 years. I'm pretty sure they're still together though. She's still #1 on Paul's Top [myspace]. I don't like her that much but they look cute together and she's really nice.

What is Paul Digiovanni's birthday?

January 19th

What is paul digiovanni's favorite food?


When is Paul Digiovanni's birthday?

january 19th(:

Birthplace of Paul DiGiovanni?

Leon minster, Massachusetts

Where was Paul Digiovanni from 'Boys Like Girls' born and raised?

Paul DiGiovanni from Boys Like Girls was born and raised in Leominster, Massachusetts. He graduated from Leominster High in 2006.

Does paul digiovanni have a girlfriend?

hes dating Dani vitale (:

Does paul digiovanni from boys like girls smoke?

no he does not smoke.

When did paul digiovanni's mom die?

Dec. 1 2003