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It can last for up to 6 weeks ,I miscarried a month ago it only lasted like 10 days and then I had my menstruation for like 5 days and then it was done.

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Q: How long does the bleeding of a miscarriage go on for?
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Are you having a miscarriage if there's no bleeding?

If your not bleeding then your pregnant if you start bleeding in your pregnancy it's a miscarriage

How long does a vaginal bleeding go away after miscarriage?

4 days

What does cramping accompanied by bleeding means?

Can be a miscarriage. Go see your doctor.

Is that miscarriage blood after a miscarriage or your period?

The bleeding you experience during a miscarriage is notyour period. It is bleeding due to losing the baby.

Internal bleeding in a miscarriage can result to the emergency room?

if you are pregnant and bleeding a lot yes, you should go to the hospital.

Can you get pregnant while slightly bleeding from a miscarriage?

No you can't get pregnant while slighty bleeding fro a miscarriage!

Could you have had a miscarriage if your period came three weeks ago and you have kept bleeding and spotting since then?

It is a possibility. I suggest you go to the doctor and get checked. If you HAVE had a miscarriage and you are still bleeding you may have a bit of the pregnancy still inside which could cause an infection or heavier bleeding. If you have NOT had a miscarriage there is some other problem which needs checking.

Can you have a miscarriage with out bleeding?

Yes you can that's why you always go for a scan to see how your baby is doing.. you have to be carefull lots of things can happen while having a miscarriage...

Could you be having a miscarriage if you eleven weeks and you start bleeding?

Yes you could. Go to the doctor.

Is bleeding occur during pregnancy?

no, and if you are bleeding during pregnancy u need to go see the doctor because u might have had a miscarriage

Could you have a miscarriage if you have had bleeding and a small sac came out but have not bled since Would you recommend going to the doctor?

That sounds like a miscarriage; you should go to your doctor and be sure.

Do you cramp and bleed bright red blood during a miscarriage?

Yes. If you are pregnant and are bleeding and cramping, go to the E.R. immediately. There are other complications that can cause bleeding and when medical help is sought soon enough, it may be possible to avoid miscarriage.