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Women don't become sterile from smoking marijuana, it's just unadvised to smoke WHILE already pregnant

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Q: How long does it take for a woman fertility to return after smoking marijuana?
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Can a women still get pregnant if she is smoking cannabis and having problems with her period?

Marijuana does not have any effect on a woman's ability to get pregnant.

Does smoking make a woman lose weight?

If you smoke rather that eat when you are emotional it does. But smoking kills.

Is marijuana bad for pregnant woman?

yes it is very bad for pregnant woman and can kill your baby :(

Does use marijuana affect fertility?

"Marijuana-smoking men's sperm are hyper. They are way out there," Burkman tells WebMD. "They already have begun the vigorous swimming called hyperactivation. Sperm should be quiet at first. They should be waiting to be washed into cervix and approach the egg before they start hyperactivation." So the little guys are fast out of the gate, right? What's wrong with a little head start? "It is not a head start. They are going to blow it," Burkman says. "They're too fast, too early. Each individual sperm can maintain this swimming only so long, only several hours. Then it poops out. If it has run out of hyperactivation before it gets close to the egg, it will not fertilize. These sperm are going to burn out." But she says that when women smoke marijuana, the active ingredient -- THC -- appears in their reproductive organs and vaginal fluids. Sperm exposed to this THC are likely to act just as sperm exposed to THC in the testes. "When women smoke marijuana, nicotine, or other drugs, their reproductive fluids contain these drugs," Burkman says. "The woman smoking marijuana is putting THC into her oviduct, into her cervix. If the man is not smoking but the woman is, his sperm go into her body and hit THC in the vagina, oviduct, and uterus. Her THC is changing his sperm."

Can a woman have a baby after menopause?

Yes, with the help of fertility drugs (replacement hormones) and donor eggs it is very possible for a woman to have a baby years after menopause.

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Can smoking marijuana make a woman sterile?

no. there is no evidence from any expirament done by any country that marijuana has any effect on the female reproductive system.

Can smoking marijuana lead a woman to unleash her inner tigress?

Marijuana can lower sexual inhibitions in some people. Some research even suggests marijuana can cause impotency and infertility.

Does smoking decrease fertility in a woman?

smoking compromises your menstrual health and the healthy functioning of your reproductive system. Studies have shown that smokers take longer to conceive than non-smokers

Can the birth control shot affect fertility?

After a woman stops using the birth control shot, her fertility may return right away or may take as long as 18 months to return. The average delay is nine months. This delay does not depend on the length of time the woman used the method.

Can a women still get pregnant if she is smoking cannabis and having problems with her period?

Marijuana does not have any effect on a woman's ability to get pregnant.

On what days do a woman take fertility blend?

Usually, a woman would take a fertility blend during her ovulation period. However, a fertility specialist is best suited to give the woman specific instructions about when to take the fertility bland.

Does smoking marijuana while on the birth control pill contributes to a woman's risk for strokes?

I'd say no. I think the concern is nicotine. There is no nicotine in marijuana. I'm of the understanding that the issue is nicotine's cardiovascular effects. Marijuana doesn't have those effects.

Does the male smoking cigarettes prevent pregnancy?

No. Neither men nor women smoking a cigarette, (made from tobacco marijuana, or some other substance), will prevent a woman from getting pregnant from sexual intercourse.

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The fertility rate in Benin is 5.49 births per woman.

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